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Equalitis Subter Juris - Equality Under the Law


A Brief History of the

Albia Police Department


On August 5th, 1845 the City of Princeton was established in Monroe (Originally Kish Ke Kosk) County, which was later renamed to the City of Albia.

Shortly thereafter, the Albia Police Department was established, with the department originally consisting of one horse-riding sworn officer. One can only imagine how swift the response was when you consider that it took about a day for someone to ride to town to file a report, and another day for the Officer to ride out and follow up.

As society and technology progressed, the Albia Police Department evolved. Adding vehicle patrol quickened the process of responding to calls and serving the community. Calls would go through the local telephone office, where the nature of the call was given to the switchboard operator. In order for the operator to get in touch with an Officer, a switch was flipped that activated a light in the top of the courthouse. Then, the operator would wait for the Officer to see the light and make contact with the operator.

The original Police Department was located on North Main Street, just off Albia's famous square. In 1977, under the direction of Chief John Douglas, the Police Department was moved to a Joint Law Enforcement Center and Jail with the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, which is still in active use today. The Monroe County Law Enforcement Center was built in 1941, originally housing the jail facilities and offices on the ground floor, with a residence for the Sheriff and his family on the second floor. Today the Sheriff no longer lives in the building, and the structure accomodates the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, the Albia Police Department, a Communications Center, the Monroe County Jail and a support staff of approximately 25 employees.

Other agencies such as the Iowa Highway Patrol, Iowa Department of Transportation, United States Marshall Services, Southern and SouthEast Iowa Drug Task Forces, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Court Services, Juvenile Court Services, Department of Human Services and others use the facility on a routine basis.

The Albia Police Department consists of six full-time sworn Police Officers, an Administrative Secretary, an Animal Control Officer and a Narcotics and Human Scent tracking Canine Officer. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We routinely handle over 3000 calls for service per year in our effort to better the community for the citizens we serve. The Police Department is structured with a Police Chief, Assistant Police Chief, and four Patrol Officers.  Besides their regular law enforcement duties, Albia Police Officers are busy with community services, parade duties, drug interdiction, search and rescue, and neighborhood watch programs. Specialty units include a K-9, DARE and Bicycle Patrol Units.


Albia Police Department - Albia, Iowa