Things to Know About Masonry

Masonry is among the most popular construction methods used around the world. However, this method is usually misunderstood. Based on the definition of masonry, it is any stonework building or structure in which materials, such as stones, concrete blocks, and more, are connected and bound with the help of mortar. A paste type of mortar, cement, when dry, aids the structure to hold together.  

Each country all over the world can give examples of masonry constructions that still even decades after decades. Masonry buildings are strong, durable, and can withstand other physical forces and extreme weather. When masonry is appropriately reinforced, it can even resist hurricanes and earthquakes. Knowing more about masonry can help you determine the best option to get for your construction projects, such as residential homes, businesses, a retaining block wall, walkways, and more.  

Popular Masonry Materials 

A masonry structure is one wherein mortar and masonry materials are utilized. Mortar helps the building material to be kept together and comes in various strengths. Nowadays, the most popular construction materials include concrete, stone, and brick, and here are the following reasons why: 


Concrete blocks are positioned similarly to how bricks are laid, which is usually in a staggered pattern to provide strength to the structure. Due to the concrete blocks’ weight, they can offer promising strength and stability to exterior walls. In terms of size, they are quite larger compared to bricks. Hence, you need less building time, plus they are more fire-resistant and affordable. Moreover, concrete blocks come in various forms, sizes, and shapes, which enables you to achieve versatile and unique construction designs compared to others.  


One of the strongest, most durable, and weather-resistant building construction accessible today includes stone. Compared to other materials, the stone has a substantially longer lifespan. Stones can last up to 1,000 years or more. Since stone is resistant to rain, hail, wind, sleet, and stow, this material won’t bend, swell, splinter, warp, or dent. Two kinds of stones are typically utilized in stone masonry—undressed or dressed. Undressed stones—also recognized as rough stones—gives a more natural and unique appearance once laid while the dressed stone is available in both fluid sizes and patterns and can be laid with the usual pattern.  


Out of all masonry products, brick is one of the most popular options nowadays. Bricks are usually made out of water, clay, and sand with a hit of lime or ash, which are then baked afterward. Bricks are popular for their longevity, aesthetics, and durability. Usually, brick structures can last generations while remaining classic-looking. Bricks can be purchased in an extensive range of textures and colors and can be set in distinct patterns that add distinct strength levels to the structures. This material will do great in several climates.  

Masonry structures usually give a great deal of range and can be utilized outside and inside your house, walls, office, chimneys, etc. if interested, contact a trusted masonry contractor today and get a free quote from them.  

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